The Steak House Pub & Restaurant
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The, new look, Steak House Pub & Restaurant is an American steak restaurant located in the Chiang Mai liveliest area, the JJ Market street. It is perfect for a snack or a light meal as well as a casual dining experience. With the introduction of the spectacular "open grill" section of our redesigned kitchen, you can see and smell your dish being freshly grilled. Our famous dishes are: Deep-fried camembert, smoked salmon salad (Big portion) and pork spare rib with BBQ sauce.


By night, the Steak House Pub & Restaurant transforms into a high energy venue with lively music by our local band. The Steak House Pub and Restaurant accommodates up to 60 seats. It is perfect for family and friends for casualdining or special events. The Steak House Pub and Restaurant is managed by the management of the well-known Le Crystal Restaurant, so you can be ensured of our high standard of foods and services.


Live Music: 19:00 hrs. to 22:30 hrs.

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