Kafeer, Chillout, Supé/sen middag


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Opening Hour

17.00 - 02.00

Opening Days

Monday - Sunday

Tarabar is the latest restaurant to open on the banks of the Ping River. With a fabulous range of acoustic and jazz tunes you are afforded a near perfect, tranquil dining experience at their open-air terrace. Under a blanket of stars with the sway of the river at your side, relaxing music and good food, what more could you ask for? Well, you could start with the not-so-quiet section downstairs. This is geared up for the younger, more rambunctious crowd, with hip-hop tunes, indie-rock, folk, dance and of course, a bit of mainstream pop: totally different from the kick-off-your-flip-flops sphere upstairs. Tarabar serves the usual Thai dishes, with an addition of choice Vietnamese dishes. There is also a traditional northern Thai food section in the menu. Word on the street is that Tarabar is quickly becoming a Chiang Mai fashion statement.

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