Tarutao Self-Paddle

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4 days / 3 nights

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Koh Tarutao is a large island (25K) and is heavily forested. The West Coast is sloped with several mangrove estuaries, forested beaches and sea cliffs. The East Coast is cliff-cut with several offshore islands.

Tarutao's most striking feature is the pristine hardwood forest that carpets the island. Hardwood trees up to 70 meters often extend down to water's edge. This forest holds numerous species of mammals, birds, and reptiles which may be seen on either nature walks or kayak paddles. During the high season, four species of sea turtle nest within the Park, but sightings cannot be predicted. Tarutao's estuaries contain large and pristine mangrove forests that are heavily populated by mammals, birds, and reptiles. Sightings of macaques, langur, kingfishers, hornbills, pythons, and water monitors are common. Of course, wildlife sightings can never be guaranteed. Tarutao hosts several excellent sand camping beaches as well.
Koh Tarutao was a prison for hundreds of political prisoners during the 1940's. Tarutao is a historical attraction, as the island was once used as a maximum security center for hardened criminals and political prisoners, a place reminiscent of pain and bitterness suffered by the detainees. Once it was cut off from its supplies the prisoners and guards turned to piracy and the waters around the island were very dangerous, but this was a long time ago and it is now uninhabited.


The above itinerary can change depending upon weather
condition and tidal level. The trip includes round trip
transfer, soft drinks, seafood lunch, fruit in season,
dry bag, and snorkeling gear will offers.

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