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Aranyik Temple (Wat Aranyik)

ArankyikTempleis an ancient temple located outside Phitsanulok's city wall. Believed to be built in the Sukhothai kingdom, the main chedi (pagoda) sees an influence of Lanka pagodas while Buddhist images were crafted wit...

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Ban Rai Temple (Wat Ban Rai)
Ban Rai Temple (Wat Ban Rai)(Nakhon Ratchasima)

One of the most famous temples in NakhonRatchasima, Ban Rai temple is recognized as the residence of the notable monk Luang Pho KhunParisutto. Located in TambonKutPhiman approximately 60 kilometers away from the city, to...

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Ban Wat Chan Pine Forest

Ban Wat Chan Pine Forest is quiet and tranquil, set away from Chiang Mai city for 150 kilometers. The two-leaf and three-leaf pine trees here can grow only at the height of 1,000 metres above the sea-level. The pine res...

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Bats at Wat Chantharam

Bats at Wat Chantharam Wat Chantharam is an old temple locating in Ban Chang, Mu 5, Tambon Khok Phutsa, approximately 4 kilometers to the west of Pho Thong District Office. Take Pho Thong Sawaengha Road for approximatel...

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Chang Kra
Chang Kra(Khon Kaen)

    Located in the area of Wat Pa Mancha Khiri, Chang Kra had grown over 4,000 wild orchid-Rhyncostylis gigantean (Lindl.) over the past century. Every year during January, the area will be filled with full blo...

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Chedi Phra Borommasaririkkathat Khao Kho

This Buddhist stupa or Chedi is located on the summit of a mountain next to the Khao Kho International Library, Ban Kong Niam, at Mu 4, Tambon Khao Kho. It is said that the Chedi contains the relics of the Lord Buddha, b...

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Chedi Yot Thong Temple (Wat Chedi Yot Thong)

ChediYotThongTempleis located on Phaya Suea road outside Phitsanulok walls. It is the only temple in the province that features a lotus-shaped pagoda which was influenced by the pagodas in Sukothai kingdom. styles of Suk...

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Chula Mani Temple (Wat Chula Mani)

ChulaManiTempleis situated on the eastern banks of theNanRiverapproximately five kilometers from town. It is the oldest temple in Phitsanuliok, believed to be built before the Sukhothai kingdom. According to the history,...

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Fish Park at Wat Khoi

Fish Park at Wat Khoi Is located at the Noi River in front of Wat Khoi, Mu 1, Tambon Pho Rang Nok, 12 kilometers from Ang Thong province.  Take Ang Thong Wiset Chai Chan route, on Highway No. 3151 Km 27-28, you wil...

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Herbal Grove, Wat Plug Mai Lai

Situated about 20 kilometers from Nakhon Pathom municipality, an entrance to the temple can be seen on the left of Malaiman Road. Thanks to its tranquil ambience, the temple offers various natural therapies including tra...

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